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Event Livestreaming and Webcast

Streaming – almost as good as beaming.

Beaming, as we know it from “Starship Enterprise”, is unfortunately not yet possible. However, streaming does share some of the advantages of teleportation. If an event is streamed, long journeys to an event location are not necessary, which means the participants do not have to travel to it. The cost savings here are therefore significant. Viewers can experience an event from anywhere in the world with virtually any device. Whether live or time-delayed, your audience can be there with “Event Livestreaming”.

What is streaming?

Live video streaming enables real-time playback of a video source for online viewers. This direct broadcast can be followed live using pretty much any common device. The audience does not have to first download the file before they can start watching the video.
The streamed content is not saved permanently on the hard disk, but only cached. If the stream is terminated, the content is also deleted from the hard disk.
The advantage for the audience of streaming compared to downloading is that the content can be played back immediately. Without any delay and, with Streaming Solutions, of course without any judder.


What does Streaming Solutions do?

You contact us. You would like to stream your event instead of having all the participants travel to the event, which is expensive and time-consuming. We discuss your needs, wishes and the resulting possibilities in advance. On the day of the event livestreaming, we will be on site with you and set up the technical requirements before the event starts, to ensure the streaming goes smoothly.

Our camera team films your event from the best possible perspective. And at the same time, our streaming technicians bring your event live to the Internet. Your audience will experience your event practically first hand, in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

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Who can benefit from livestreaming?

The possible areas of use of our Event Livestreaming and Webcast Services are almost limitless. With real-time transmissions, we bring your “town hall meetings”, media conferences, congresses, general meetings, lectures, conferences or trade fair appearances live to the Internet.

Imagine this: The next “town hall meeting” is scheduled for your company; the management would like to communicate important news to the national or international workforce. In the past, the audience had to travel to the event, or they only experienced the news afterwards or indirectly. Streaming Solutions now makes it possible for your employees, no matter where they are, to be provided with the news at the same time and thus be “close to the action”.

Training courses, elections, general political events and sports events in particular can also benefit from the increased visibility provided via Event Live Streaming.

This means that interested parties can follow your event at the exact moment when it takes place – from anywhere in the world.


Why choose streaming from Streaming Solutions?

One thing in particular is important with streaming: it has to work. And it will if you work with us.

Streaming that judders, or that has to be reloaded time and again because the Internet bandwidth is not sufficient, is unacceptable. Thanks to our collaboration with the largest CDN provider Akamai, we are networked globally.

A CDN provides scalable storage and delivery capacities and ensures optimal data throughput, even in the event of high peak loads.

Thanks to our collaboration with Akamai, we are not dependent on popular streaming portals such as YouTube, Facebook and the like, which means we can guarantee your data sovereignty.

We can of course also stream your event on your desired platform.

Livestreaming and Webcast via several channels at the same time can also be implemented easily.

You provide us with details of your target audience or the desired platform; we take care of the rest.

Thanks to Akamai, streaming does not have to be pre-ordered, as it is available at any time.

Your streaming is as spontaneous as you are.

Using adaptive bit rates, the image quality is matched precisely to the Internet connection and the viewer's device.

This ensures high-quality, smooth playback of your live-stream.

We check the Internet connection available on site.

If the available bandwidth is not sufficient, we can fall back on the Internet connections of third parties, if necessary.

On the subject of security: We make sure that only your audience can view the stream, and that no unauthorized persons gain access to it.

If you wish, we can also provide streaming with password protection.

Our livestreaming and webcasts gets through.

Whereas YouTube and the like often get stuck behind firewalls, we guarantee you will be able to pass through all firewalls.

However, we not only offer you perfect streaming solutions: We also have many years of experience with the organisation of events and would be happy to assist you with the technical planning and implementation of your event.

Filming is our passion – creativity and aesthetics are as important to us as the technically perfect realisation.

What distinguishes us from other streaming providers?

We can do more than just streaming and have thought of everything - our streaming is independent, powerful, available, secure and creative.


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Our team

We’ve been in the film business a long time. This enables us to draw on a large network of long-standing freelancers and partner companies. Our team can therefore be expanded at any time with additional, experienced professionals from the streaming and film sector.

Martin Hüsler
Martin HüslerProject Manager and Managing Director
Mathias Häcki
Mathias HäckiCameraman
Manuela Iten
Manuela ItenBackoffice
Urs Rohner
Urs RohnerCameraman - Freelancer
Lars Müller
Lars MüllerCameraman - Freelancer
Urban Bircher
Urban BircherSound engineer/acoustician - Freelancer


If you would rather stream today than beam tomorrow, please contact us for a non-binding offer or to clarify your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
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